Living with lung cancer isn’t a solitary activity. It’s a daily action in concert with the support of family, friends, loved ones, and even people who seem to appear out of the blue to offer support. In this Valentine’s Day episode, we explore the wonderful ways people living with lung cancer have found support and what it means to them.

Guests LCFA Speakers Bureau members Carol Brickell, Terri Conneran, Lisa Goldman, and Frank McKenna.

Episode Show Notes

Gifts of Love to Lung Cancer Patients

Most lung cancer survivors go through rigorous chemo, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, and other forms of treatment like radiation and surgery. Not only do the drugs, procedures, and surgeries zap their energy, they can exhaust them to the point that just climbing on a sofa to rest is a chore in itself.

How many times have you offered to help a friend or loved one that has lung cancer, but you can’t seem to land on the “perfect” idea, no matter how well you know that person? Patty Watkins, stage 4 metastatic lung cancer survivor, shares some of her favorite ideas – and not all come wrapped in a bow.