Early Detection

Early Detection of Lung Cancer: when detected early, lung cancer patients have more treatment options and a far greater chance of survival.  But, only 16% of people will be diagnosed in the earliest stage, when the disease is most treatable.

The classic symptoms of lung cancer are well publicized and include:

  • a persistent cough,
  • chest pain,
  • shortness of breath,
  • unexplained weight loss,
  • hoarseness and
  • bronchitis.

Each symptom is somewhat benign in and of itself, and generally not a cause for worry. Often, symptoms such as the above are ignored as just another daily ache or pain. Moreover, these symptoms generally do not manifest themselves in the early stages of lung cancer. Instead, most lung cancers are diagnosed in the late stages of the disease making treatment more problematic and as a result significantly reducing the overall lung cancer survival rate.

Find out the most common risk factors for lung cancer.  And, see if you are a good candidate for a lung cancer screening.

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