lung cancer early detection: Dr. Jessica Donington

Jessica Donington

University of Chicago

Meet the Investigator Dr. Jessica Donington, a General Thoracic Surgeon, Professor of Surgery and Chief, Section of Thoracic Surgery at the University of Chicago. Dr. Donington's research centers around lung cancer early detection survival.

Lung cancer early detection and survival

Dr. Donington's research centers around finding lung cancer early. Low dose CT scans are key in early detection, but Dr. Donington is also researching the role of a specific protein in finding lung cancer at its earliest, most treatable, stage.


Early detection and the National Lung Screening Trial 

Even though there is often no early sign of lung cancer, there are certain risk factors that have been identified and the National Lung Screening Trial has recommended a specific population of people get annual low dose CT scans for lung cancer.

Better patient outcomes

Dr. Donington's research efforts are all pointed towards finding better outcomes for lung cancer patients. Patients diagnosed in early stages have a much better chance for survival, and that is where Dr. Donington is focusing her research.



Hope for the future with lung cancer early detection

Within the past few years, lung cancer research has really taken off. Dr. Donington sees much hope for the future for lung cancer patients as survivors.


LCFA Research Grants: How they help advance science

Dr. Donington is also a past recipient of a Lung Cancer Foundation of America research grant. Her lab and her research were in jeopardy until she received the award from LCFA allowing her to continue her important work in early detection of lung cancer.  


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