Make Every Breath Count

Life is made up of little things that bring us so much joy. And yet, we rarely think about them – just like our ability to breathe.

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The very best “boots on the ground” advocates to help lung cancer research are lung cancer survivors. But, the 5-year survival rate for lung cancer remains at 17% – almost the same as it was in 1971, the year Congress declared War on Cancer.

That’s why we need all of you. It is time for everyone touched by lung cancer to get involved and take action. We need your help to change the course of this disease. The poor survival rate for lung cancer is a direct result of the lack of funding for lung cancer research. We can help change this by funding new, creative and innovative research. With your involvement, we HOPE to fund grants for lung cancer RESEARCH that will give new LIFE to those suffering from this terrible disease.

Join LCFA in raising the funds and awareness to really make a difference in the survival rate of lung cancer patients. The time is now and all that we need is YOU!