Honoring World Lung Cancer Day

#LivingWithLungCancer Social Media Takeover
Hosted Saturday, August 1, 2020

Witness how new treatments make #LivingWithLungCancer happen.

Did you miss Lung Cancer Foundation of America’s social media takeover on Saturday, August 1st, 2020?

You can still witness what #livingwithlungcancer looks like. Advocates from around the country raised awareness of the power and need for increased lung cancer research. The takeover featured live interviews and demonstrations on:

You can see this all in one place – check it out.

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A Day to Magnify the Need for More Lung Cancer Research Funding

Good news: New research, diagnosis, and treatment breakthroughs in the last 10 years have brought new hope to patients and their families.

Bad news: There is still so far to go. With a 19% five-year survival rate, lung cancer ranks the lowest among the other most common cancers: prostate cancer (99%), breast cancer (89%), and colorectal cancer (65%). The poor survival rate for lung cancer is a direct result of the lack of funding for lung cancer research.

Funding by Type of Cancer graphic

  • Lung cancer claims more lives yearly than breast, colon, and prostate cancers combined.

  • 1 in 15 people in the U.S. will be diagnosed with lung cancer in their lifetime.

  • Smoking isn’t the only cause of lung cancer. Other known causes of lung cancer include exposure to secondhand smoke, air pollution, radon, and asbestos.

Additional Resource to Share on World Lung Cancer Day

29 Lung Cancer Facts You Should Know | November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month

History of World Lung Cancer Day

Since its inception in 2012, World Lung Cancer Day has been observed every August 1. This World Lung Cancer Day campaign’s inception by the Forum of International Respiratory Societies is supported by members of the international lung health community such as the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC) and also including the American College of Chest Physicians (CHEST) in the U.S.

World Cancer Day 2020 theme:  ‘I Am and I Will’

Lung Cancer Foundation of America is proud to support World Lung Cancer Day 2020 by raising awareness through our dedicated Speakers Bureau. They will be sharing their stories about living with lung cancer and how lung cancer research has made a difference. We thank them for their personal commitment and how their actions illustrate this year’s theme so well. Read their inspirational stories below and check them out when they take over LCFA’s social media on Saturday, August 1, 2020 for #WLCD2020. RSVP today to get a reminder and a schedule of events.

New research, diagnosis, and treatment breakthroughs in the last 10 years have brought new hope to patients and their families.

LCFA has been instrumental in developing a continuing public dialogue. Through annual media campaigns, LCFA has been dedicated to education and research – the route to the early diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer and, hopefully, the cure.

  • June 12, 2019
  • April 1, 2019
  • March 18, 2019
  • November 30, 2018
  • August 1, 2018
  • June 1, 2018
  • May 11, 2018
  • February 17, 2018
  • November 1, 2017
  • January 1, 2017
  • January 1, 2017
  • October 31, 2016
  • June 1, 2016
  • April 4, 2016
  • March 11, 2016
  • February 5, 2015
  • November 30, 2013
  • August 20, 2012
  • July 1, 2011
  • January 1, 2011
  • September 1, 2010
  • July 25, 2010
  • January 1, 2009
  • July 16, 2008
  • January 1, 2008
  • March 20, 2007
  • June 15, 2005
  • June 29, 2004
  • January 1, 1987
  • January 1, 1987
  • January 1, 1986
  • December 23, 1971
  • January 11, 1964


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