Honoring World Lung Cancer Day

Lung Cancer Foundation of America’s
Social Media Takeover on World Lung Cancer Day

Tuesday, August 1st, 2023

Since its inception in 2012, World Lung Cancer Day has been observed every year on August 1 in order to raise awareness of lung cancer issues and magnify the need for more lung cancer research funding.

Join Lung Cancer Foundation of America’s social media takeover. Be part of these 4 hours of lively conversations with brilliant lung cancer researchers and lung cancer patient advocates who exemplify what #LivingWithLungCancer looks like.

This year, LCFA’s World Lung Cancer Day message also wants to magnify how research breakthroughs have made #LivingWithLungCancer as a managed disease a reality for many patients.

Tune in as advocates around the country use their lungs to raise awareness of the power and need for increased lung cancer research. The takeover will feature interviews and demonstrations on LCFA’s Facebook page | LCFA’s Twitter handleLCFA’s Instagram page

Starting at noon Eastern | 9 am Pacific

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Hear from Dr. David Carbone of The Ohio State University, one of the leaders in lung cancer research, who will answer questions posed by LCFA President Kim Norris and Executive Director Jim Baranksi.

“I find it a beautiful thing about how science intersects medicine today. Where we can analyze genes and pick a drug based on a gene or a profile, give it to a patient. And go from being in pain and shortness of breath with potentially weeks or months to be back to a normal quality of life often with just an oral pill everyday. ”

— Dr. David Carbone, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

As a scientist, Dr. Carbone enjoys trying to push that frontier to find new targets and new ways of optimizing treatment – that it’s not just a pipe dream. Don’t miss his discussions on World Lung Cancer Day.

Join us to learn the latest and greatest in lung cancer research such as:

  • New tools that alter lives of lung cancer surgery patients for the better
  • Exciting, new treatments for Small Cell Lung Cancer
  • The importance of improving minority participation in clinical trials
  • The impact of perioperative therapies

Lung Cancer Foundation of America is proud to support World Lung Cancer Day by raising awareness through a social media takeover by our dedicated Speakers Bureau and Young Investigators.

They will be sharing their stories of how they use their lungs and how lung cancer research has made a difference. We thank them for their personal commitment and how their actions will illustrate this year’s theme so well.

New research, diagnosis, and treatment breakthroughs in the last 10 years have brought new hope to patients and their families.

LCFA has been instrumental in developing a continuing public dialogue. Through annual media campaigns, LCFA has been dedicated to education and research – the route to the early diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer and, hopefully, the cure.

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More people are living with lung cancer.

Thanks to biomarker testing. Learn more about biomarkers through our Hope With Answers℠ video series.


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Finding reliable sources for information can be difficult for lung cancer patients – LCFA keeps you updated.


New lung cancer research is saving more lives.

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