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LCFA is dedicated to changing the face of lung cancer research

Lung cancer research has made great strides in the past 10 years. When co-founder Kim Norris’ husband was diagnosed in 1997, there were only 3 basic treatments – surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Today, there are now over 50 FDA-approved treatments. And thanks to recent lung cancer research successes such as improved screening, biomarker testing, immunotherapy, and more clinical trials, people are #livingwithlungcancer.

People, like Brandi Bryant who is living with lung cancer for over 5 years, are using their lungs to fight for funding more lung cancer research. Brandi knows firsthand that biomarker testing and targeted therapy are life-changing for lung cancer patients. However, these treatments can and do eventually stop working.

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Your Donation Can Fund a Face of Change

Cancer research takes funding. Setting up a lab and staff takes talent, time and money. Unfortunately, lung cancer research has been poorly funded in the federal cancer research world. ​​Even though lung cancer kills about as many as breast, colon, and prostate cancer combined, funding lags significantly compared to these 3 other cancers. And although lung cancer surpassed breast cancer in 1987 as the leading cancer killer among women in the US, lung cancer research is set to receive $3,580 in federal funding compared to $19,283 for breast cancer.

Meet A Face of Change: LCFA’s Young Investigators

LCFA Young Investigator grant awards help accelerate lung cancer research from bench to bedside with the goal of helping patients as soon as possible. This grant award is typically a $200,000 grant awarded to a young investigator for work over 2 years. These significant awards allow researchers to set up and staff a lab and begin to amass the crucial data needed to attract add-on funding for the project from major funding sources, such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

LCFA-funded scientists dedicate their professional lives to the study of lung cancer. Some Lung Cancer Investigators look for new medicines for lung cancer. Some look for ways to recognize lung cancer earlier. All work to find ways to help lung cancer patients live longer, fuller lives.

Help us with our commitment to supporting these investigators with significant grant funding to pursue a long-term project over the course of multiple years.

You can be a Face of Change

You can be a part of funding the latest research in lung cancer. Your donation is leveraged in lung cancer research grants in partnership with organizations such as the largest international clinical society focusing on lung cancer, the IASLC (International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer), and Bristol Myers Squibb.

There are many ways that you can donate to lung cancer research. However you choose to give, your contribution will go toward funding the best in science projects, peer-reviewed by our world-renowned Scientific Advisory Board.

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