Imagine a doctor saying: “You have lung cancer.” What do you do? Who do you talk to? How do you comprehend the complicated new language of cancer? Lung Cancer Foundation of America has stepped in to help with two Spanish language podcast episodes in its Hope With Answers: Living With Lung Cancer series called the First Seven Days.

The First Seven Days features hopeful conversations with Latinos living with lung cancer years after diagnosis. They share their experience, their best advice, what they wish they’d known immediately after being diagnosed. Included with each episode is a convenient, printable checklist to help you take the first steps toward managing your diagnosis.

You’ll also hear from world-renowned lung cancer expert Dr. Christian Rolfo of Mt. Sinai hospitals in New York City. Dr. Rolfo provides a calm, experienced perspective on what information you need to gather, which tests to ask for, and how to get a second opinion to build the best possible medical care team.

“That first week or two after a lung cancer diagnosis is incredibly disorienting and upsetting,” said Lung Cancer Foundation of America co-founder and president Kim Norris. “The First Seven Days episodes provide a simple and hopeful series of steps to help everyone get the information they need to get the best possible care.”

The Hope With Answers: Living With Lung Cancer series on The First Seven Days is available on the LCFA website and anywhere you get your podcasts. Another resource to help lung cancer patients dig deeper into the latest topics, treatments, and research is the Hope With Answers video series which turns the tables on the doctor-patient relationship by having patients ask the questions.