Breath of Honor: Lung Cancer Awareness Resources

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Lung Cancer Resources for Veterans

Screening for lung cancer is crucial for U.S. veterans given their increased risk. Veterans should be proactive in their health checks and take advantage of the resources available to them through LCFA and the VA.

U.S. Veterans are at higher risk for lung cancer

The campaign continued on November 9 with a round of media interviews. Watch Navy Veteran and 17-year lung cancer survivor, Jim Pantelas, along with Dr. Moghanaki as they kick off LCFA’s Breath of Honor initiative in one of their many TV interviews.


  • why Veterans are at a greater risk for lung cancer
  • why a CT scan the best way to detect lung cancer
  • how to start the conversation about lung cancer screening with your healthcare provider

Breath of Honor Podcast Series

Watch this Hope With Answers Video Podcast episode with Navy Veteran and 17-year lung cancer survivor, Jim Pantelas, along with Dr. Moghanaki, who has a joint appointment with the Veterans Health Administration where he directs patient care, lung cancer implementation and research initiatives.

Veterans Administration Lung Cancer Resources

Get VA Screening Information

VA Video Connect is a platform that allows Veterans and their caregivers to meet virtually with their VA healthcare teams on any computer, tablet, or mobile device with an internet connection.

Contact Ask VA with questions about your health care and benefits (including the GI Bill). Questions, updates, and documents can be submitted online.

Learn about the VA chatbot and ask a question: Veterans can also use the VA chatbot to get information about VA benefits and services. The chatbot won’t connect you with a person, but it can show you where to go on to find answers to some common questions.

Screening for Lung Cancer: FAQs about lung cancer screening along with resources offered via the US Department of Veteran’s Affairs National Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention.