Milestones at Lung Cancer Foundation of America

Your support in 2018 helped us reach these milestones

Through generous donations, tributes, and our valued partnerships and sponsors, 2018 was an outstanding year for LCFA.

Each year has been an opportunity to see strides made in lung cancer research. Here’s a glimpse at what you helped the LCFA team accomplish toward our mission:

lung cancer community

Shared milestone lung cancer stories

Over 102,000 website visits to read survivor stories

Stories of inspirational people living with lung cancer. Testimonies illustrating how research breakthroughs in lung cancer diagnosis and treatment are changing the lives of people diagnosed with lung cancer.

Personal stories showing milestones in lung cancer research

research advancement

Funded more grants for lung cancer research

Dr. Kellie N. Smith, PhD

In 2018, in partnership with the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer, LCFA funded $800,000 in lung cancer research grants, for the second year. That is:

  • 4 grants
  • 4 young investigators
  • $200,000 awarded per grant for 2 years of work

In our 11-year history, LCFA has been able to award over $4 million in lung cancer research grants. Watch for additional new grants and scholarships in 2019.

latest research education

Launched an innovative video series

Hope with Answers logo - click to return to Hope With Answers homepage

Hope With Answers℠ : Where lung cancer patients consult with leading lung cancer doctors. An on-demand video series you can watch anytime, anywhere.

Currently 18 videos on important topics of lung cancer research, diagnosis, and treatment – more coming in 2019!


lung cancer awareness

Amplified our awareness messaging

Photo of Diane with Robert

Through social media, we are raising our voice to get the message out about the need for funding lung cancer research. Our message volume has increased over 45% with over 1,400,000 impressions in the digital world.

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lung cancer awareness

Raised awareness through impactful statistics and meaningful stories

966.78% increase in new visitors to LCFA’s Lung Cancer Awareness Month page.

62,150,000 digital impression via LCFA’s satellite media tour during November for Lung Cancer Awareness Month.

Lung Cancer Awareness Ribbon

mission accountability

Continued strategic planning and partnerships with lung cancer experts

LCFA Executives and SAB Chair

Since LCFA’s founding, the unwavering dedication of our Board of Directors and Scientific Advisory Board has helped our mission come to life.

As a result, LCFA is staying on course for funding impactful lung cancer research by:
  • The innovative partnership with IASLC to fund young investigators in lung cancer research the last 8 years.
  • Building a network of leading lung cancer doctors to help educate and explain the latest research and clinical trials.

Inspired to get more involved?

There are lots of ways you can help.

If you have lungs, you’re already a member of our community.

Now join us to help raise awareness and funding for lung cancer research. 1 in 15 Americans will be diagnosed with lung cancer in their lifetime.

With your help, we HOPE to fund grants for lung cancer RESEARCH that will give new LIFE to those suffering from this terrible disease.