About Us

Harnessing AI Responsibly

Human-in-the-Loop Commitment

Lung Cancer Foundation of America commits to keeping humans in the loop when it comes to using technology in our work. Content generated with the assistance of AI will be reviewed, fact-checked, and approved by staff before publishing to ensure alignment with our mission and the well-being of the communities we serve. We acknowledge that all content must be reviewed and edited given the bias inherent in these models.

Fairness & Inclusiveness

We recognize that AI models can potentially perpetuate harmful biases if the training data is imbalanced. LCFA is committed to ensuring any AI we employ serves all communities equitably. We will monitor outputs for fairness and make adjustments to address areas of underperformance.

Public Disclosure of AI + Safety

LCFA will disclose the use of generative AI when used to generate images or videos. If generative AI is used to create significant sections of original text it will be noted in the supporting resources. We will avoid putting any sensitive data into systems that may train on this information with unintended consequences.

Explainability & Interpretability

LCFA believes AI should empower our mission, not replace human expertise. We are committed to developing intelligible AI systems whose logic, reasoning, and decisions can be clearly explained to our community upon request.