Dr. Jessica Donington, Lysa Buonanno

Learn more detailed information about thoracic surgery for lung cancer. In this video, lung cancer patient and advocate Lysa Buonanno discusses thoracic surgery for lung cancer for stage 3 patients with Dr. Jessica Donington from the University of Chicago.

How can surgery play a role in stage 3 patient’s treatment?

Surgery can interact many ways in stage 3 lung cancer. Stage 3 is by far the most complex stage of lung cancer in terms of treatment options. Doctors treat patients to cure them, but how they get there is hard. Nearly everyone who has stage three is probably going to get chemotherapy since an essential part of cure is also local control.

Why Am I A Candidate for Thoracic Surgery?

It’s important to know that lung cancer treatment is different for every stage 3 patient. It may include surgery, it may include radiation, or it could include both. Just because one person gets surgery and another doesn’t doesn’t mean the treatment’s wrong, it’s just there’s a lot of factors that play into it, both with regard to the tumor and to the individual and to even the institution where they’re being treated. There’s lots of options. Most patients who do receive surgery, will also receive other therapy. And whether that’s before or after the operation is, again, individual.

Thoracic surgery is very complicated decision and a lot of variables involved but thoracic surgeons may be part of the team of thoracic oncologist, nurse practitioners, radiologists, respiratory therapists, palliative care staff, physical therapists, and nurses – all key to delivering your best treatment.