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The good news is that treatment options for lung cancer patients are rapidly improving. In the last two years, more treatments have been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of lung cancer than had been approved in the prior ten years. New and life saving treatments, along with clinical trials, are happening rapidly and LCFA is committed to keeping you up to date on the latest, most hopeful and helpful, information.


Coronavirus and Lung Cancer: Joint Statement From Lung Cancer Advocacy Groups

Lung Cancer Foundation of America (LCFA) and our sister lung cancer advocacy organizations are issuing regular joint statements on coronavirus and lung cancer to help people understand what is known about the disease, find reliable sources…


Treatments Expand for EGFR-positive NSCLC

From Targeted Oncology In an interview with Targeted Oncology, Balazs Halmos, MD, MS, discussed the current treatment landscape of EGFR-positive NSCLC and how this space is evolving based on recent clinical trials. EGFR biomarkers a…


FDA Approves Small Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC) Treatment

From Clinical Trial Arena Zepzelca™ (lurbinectedin) is a prescription medicine indicated for the treatment of adult patients with metastatic small cell lung cancer (SCLC) with disease progression on or after platinum-based chemothera…


COVID19 severity and lung cancer

From medwireNews The burden of severe COVID19 tends to be high in people with lung cancer, with patient-specific factors having the greatest impact on severity, indicates a chart review from a single center. The study highlights “b…


Tagrisso cuts lung cancer recurrence by 83%

From Fierce Pharma Tagrisso cuts lung cancer recurrence new study shows In mid-April, at the recommendation of an independent data monitoring committee, AstraZeneca unblinded a phase 3 trial of Tagrisso two years early. Now, the publ…


Combination Therapy Aproved for First-Line Treatment

From Federal Food and Drug Administration On May 26, 2020, the Food and Drug Administration approved the combination therapy of nivolumab plus ipilimumab and 2 cycles of platinum-doublet chemotherapy as first-line treatment for patients…


NSCLC with MET exon 14 skipping Treatment Approved

From US Food and Drug Administration Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Tabrecta (capmatinib) for the treatment of adult patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) that has spread to other parts of the body. Tab…


End the Debate on Biomarker Testing for NSCLC

From Lung Cancer News Benefits of Biomarker Testing It’s an exciting time to be a thoracic oncologist. We live in an era of unprecedented discovery in medicine—and in oncology in particular—with basic scientific breakthroughs s…


African Americans and Lung Cancer Screening

From Lung Cancer News Lung cancer screening, which includes a shared decision-making visit and low-dose computed tomography (CT) scan of the chest, is fully covered for those who meet eligibility criteria by Affordable Care Act complian…


Lung Cancer Treatment Progress Over the Last Decade

From IASLC Lung Cancer News After decades of failed clinical trials and persistently dismal lung cancer survival outcomes, the 2010s breathed new life into the beleaguered field of lung cancer research. Lung Cancer treatment progress ga…

Research is imperative to improve treatment and management of all diseases and that’s particularly true of lung cancer. It’s creation of new knowledge, it’s discovery. It’s how we learn how to improve management of symptoms, to improve survival. ~Dr. David Johnson