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Juanita Segura

Juanita Segura calls herself “a CrossFit diva.” and was in the process of opening her own CrossFit studio. The fit and active fit and active wife, and mother was diagnosed with stage 3b lung cancer in November, 2014. The diagnosis was so shocking that she couldn’t bring herself to research the disease or possible treatments. 

Because her cancer was very aggressive, her doctor ordered chemotherapy and radiation immediately. Then Juanita’s doctor ordered biomarker testing, but didn’t receive the results for several months. These tests came back showing that she was ALK-positive. This made her a good candidate for immunotherapy. She immediately began treatment and has shown amazing improvement. 

Juanita is a tireless advocate for those facing a similar diagnosis through her social media and volunteer work. She encourages anyone who’s been diagnosed with lung cancer to have biomarker testing performed immediately. Then she recommends assembling a proactive cancer team.

Today, Juanita is feeling strong enough to fulfill her dream of opening her own CrossFit studio: Region Rat CrossFit in Griffith, Indiana, near Chicago. 

Juanita credits her large immediate and extended family and Christian faith with her positive outlook. 

“I don’t care what faith you are, you’ve got to believe in something and hold onto that faith.”

– Juanita Segura

Juanita Segura’s Ongoing Advocacy Work

A valued member of the LCFA Speaker’s Bureau, Juanita Segura is a fluent Spanish speaker eager to share her experience and wisdom about life with lung cancer with the Spanish-speaking community. In November 2016 Juanita participated in LCFA Satellite Media Tour to advocate for lung cancer research to the Spanish community.

LCFA Satellite Media Tour, November, 2016 Spanish interviews

She participated in the Spanish version of the Hope With Answers podcast series, Los Primeros Siete Días (The First 7 Days):

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