Lung Cancer Community Outreach

Outreach Is LCFA’s Mission

Lung Cancer Foundation of America is working to change the public perception of lung cancer through education and personal stories about lung cancer.

LCFA’s mission is to inform the public about the risks and symptoms of lung cancer, disseminate the latest research discoveries, and advocate for more lung cancer research funding. Through national satellite media tours, enrichment videos, and our knowledgeable speakers bureau, LCFA works relentlessly to get the message out.

“If you have lungs, you can get lung cancer.”

“Lung cancer research funding needs to be a priority.”

LCFA Satellite Media Tours

Starting June 2019! This year’s tour is speaking about new lung cancer advances such as nasal swabs to updates on CBD use.

In 2018, LCFA’s Satellite Media Tours focused on the following topics:

  • Biomarkers
  • Clinical Trials
  • Targeted Therapies
  • Immunotherapy
  • Early Detection
  • Liquid Biopsies

The media distribution for these tours included:

  • a bi-lingual English/Spanish speaking Satellite Media Tour (SMT) in June, 2018 picked up by 30 Outlets, 279 Hits and 6,710,372 Impressions
  • an English speaking SMT in October, 2018 picked up by 21 Outlets in top 100 Media Markets, 267 Hits, and 12,233,417 Impressions
  • presence on the LCFA website
  • on the websites of the various media outlets

Thanks to our doctors and speakers bureau members for their part of bringing lung cancer awareness and willingness to appear in HD around the country for this media tour!

Thanks to our sponsors of our 2019 Satellite Media Tour

Reaching out to the Lung Cancer Community

Hope With Answers Video Series

Are you are currently battling a lung cancer diagnosis?  Or, are you helping to care for someone who is living with lung cancer? If either of these is true, the answers to your questions are very important to you. LCFA’s Hope With Answers video series is designed to bring the patient/caregiver/physician conversation into the home.

Basic information for those newly diagnosed

More in-depth discussions for those who now need deeper knowledge to navigate an initial treatment plan or to even find what type of treatment might be their best option.

The in-depth level for lung cancer patients and their families who have been navigating the journey and now need the next level of information to understand how to bridge to other treatment options if they’ve experienced resistance or their lung cancer has progressed.

Start the journey of understanding in the Intro section of the Hope With Answers videos. Or dive right in by specific topics.

Thanks to our sponsors of Hope With Answers

Outreach by LCFA’s Speakers Bureau

The Lung Cancer Foundation of America’s Speakers Bureau is a group of survivors and those whose lives have been affected by lung cancer. Their mission is to spread awareness, information and hope in the fight against the leading cause of cancer death. Bureau speakers are available for interviews with the media.

LCFA has continued to build and promote our Speakers Bureau, a cadre of lung cancer patient/advocates, caregivers, and family members who assist with LCFA’s awareness raising initiatives.

Need a speaker?

Contact Diane Mulligan
M&C Communications | on behalf of Lung Cancer Foundation of America
(720) 273-0927

In 2018, LCFA Speakers:

  • Participated in national Satellite Media Tours and Hope With Answers video shoots
  • Worked with LCFA’s copywriter on special “Living With Lung Cancer” stories that are featured on the LCFA website as well as promoted on LCFA’s social media outlets
  • Participated in interviews with broadcast/print/web-based media

In addition, LCFA’s Speakers Bureau participants attended media training workshops and regularly promote lung cancer awareness and the need to increase lung cancer research funding on social media, both on LCFA’s platforms as well as their own personal outlets.

Thanks to our sponsors of the LCFA Speakers Bureau