Lung Cancer Community Outreach

Has anyone ever survived stage 4 lung cancer?

Are you are currently battling a lung cancer diagnosis?  Or, are you helping to care for someone who is living with lung cancer? If either of these is true, the answer to this question is very important to you.

But, as a result of some very hopeful advances in research, the answer is – yes!

Lung cancer is a serious disease, but there is a lot of hope for lung cancer patients. Recently, scientists have discovered ways to tailor treatments to individual patients. These “personalized treatment” options are very hopeful. And, more and more of them are being discovered all the time.

Personalized treatments might “target” your cancer cells. They can do this without affecting your normal cells. Or, your lung cancer might respond to “immunotherapy.” This is a way of enhancing your immune system to attack cancer cells.

Watch the videos below. In them, cancer survivors and lung cancer doctors talk about “personalized treatment” options. Find out about some of the treatments that are working well for these lung cancer patients.

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