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Frank McKenna

Meet Frank McKenna, a personal trainer for over 20 years. At the time of his diagnosis in July 2016, not only was he in top physical shape, he knew his body inside and out. So, when he developed an annoyingly persistent cough, he readily accepted his doctor’s diagnosis of allergies.

After ten days taking an over the counter medication and symptoms were unimproved, physician-ordered tests showed fluid in his left lung. When Frank had the fluid drained, cancer cells showed up in both lungs. Frank, a perfect physical specimen with no symptoms beyond a cough he considered “just annoying”, had Stage 4 lung cancer.

Frank is thrilled to be reaching people and making a difference. He is also profoundly aware and immensely grateful for continued lung cancer research. In his words, “I know I wouldn’t be here without it.”

Not only has he kicked his cough, Frank earned his Cancer Exercise Specialist Training credentials. Get Frank’s 4 keys to wellness you can use through your lung cancer journey.

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