Nancy has been compiling her cancer resource list, Nancy's List, for over 15 years, soon after being diagnosed herself with Stage 4 ovarian cancer. The mission of Nancy's List is that no one will ever go through cancer alone. Nancy's List addresses the non-medical issues... the emotional, financial, familial, social interaction issues that are challenging to anyone facing cancer. The core service Nancy's List offers is a comprehensive directory of resources for cancer patients. This includes listings for financial assistance programs, counseling services, home health agencies, hospice providers, and more. All resources are vetted by Nancy's List staff to ensure they are reputable. The directory allows visitors to search by cancer type, location, and other filters to find relevant local resources. Beyond the directory, Nancy's List provides a wealth of educational content about cancer. This includes articles on various cancer types, treatment options, clinical trials, side effect management, caregiving, and other topics. The website also has a blog featuring inspirational stories as well as practical advice from medical professionals.</p>


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