“I have lung cancer, now what?” The days following a lung cancer diagnosis are often a blur of confusion, fear, doctor’s appointments, and tough conversations with family and friends. How to get the right diagnosis? First and foremost, it feels like treatment needs to start happening NOW, but rest assured, you have time to set up a treatment plan that works for you.

Get the right diagnosis, treatment and health care team

In this 3-episode series called the 1st Seven Days, the Hope With Answers: Living With Lung Cancer podcast team helps you manage those initial days of a lung cancer diagnosis with a roadmap that helps you find the right doctor, get the right testing, and start to create the right treatment plan. In part 1 of this series, you’ll hear reassuring medical advice from lung cancer expert Dr. David Carbone of The Ohio State University, and find out what a group of people living with lung cancer wish they had known about lung cancer in those first seven days: you have time to get the right diagnosis, the right treatment plan, and the right team.


Dr. David Carbone, Oncologist at The Ohio State University

Episode 7.1 Show Notes

The First 7 Steps

Here are some helpful resources to guide you through the first seven steps.

Visit LCFA’s new support page, The First Seven Steps in the Face of a Lung Cancer Diagnosis to help you understand what you need to know to create your personalized lung cancer action plan.