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As with other cancer types, detecting lung cancer early increases both the chance of survival and the number of treatment options available. Within the past few years, Medicare and most insurance companies have covered an annual low-dose spiral CT scan for a specific population of people who are at increased risk for lung cancer. Do you meet the criteria? If you don’t meet the criteria, but you’re concerned about lung cancer, should you request a lung cancer screening?

Hope With Answers℠ Video Series: Early Detection

Dr. David Carbone of The Ohio State University Medical Center discusses the basics of early detection of lung cancer with patient, advocate, and co-founder of LCFA, David Sturges.

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New research has made a difference.

The 5-year survival rate for those diagnosed before the cancer has spread rises from 18% to 55%. 

Living with lung cancer

David's story

In 2002, a routine coronary test showed that his heart was in great shape. There was, however, an incidental finding – a small nodule on the lower lobe of his right lung.

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