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It is very important to understand the role of clinical trials in lung cancer treatment. Many people are afraid that they’ll be given a placebo in a clinical trial and that they would miss out on having treatment that might help them. That is not true. It is rare to have a placebo controlled study in oncology. Patients enrolled in clinical trials receive, at the very least, the current standard of care, and clinical trials give patients an opportunity to be treated with the next best treatment discovery.

Hope With Answers℠ Video Series: Clinical Trials

Join patient advocate Lysa Buonanno in an introductory discussion with Dr. Ross Camidge of the University of Colorado Denver on Clinical Trials. Next, patient and advocate Janet Freeman Daily discusses more information on clinical trials in lung cancer with Dr. Ross Camidge.

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Janet is a 7-year metastatic lung cancer survivor and a clinical trial vet. Her current – and favorite – status is “No Evidence of Disease.”

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