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Lung Cancer Screening Can Significantly Improve Outcomes

  • Early detection through low-dose CT screening decreases lung cancer mortality rates by as much as 20%.
  • Black patients, compared with White patients, are more likely to present with more advanced disease where patients’ outcomes are much worse.

New lung cancer screening guidelines rolled out have increased the eligibility of Black women by 50%. Diagnosing lung cancer in its earliest stages offers a significant change in survival rate.

Getting Screened: What Does Getting A CT scan look like?

A low-dose CT scan is a quick, painless, and non-invasive approach to screen for lung cancer. Using no dyes, no injections, and requiring nothing to swallow by mouth, the actual scan itself takes less than a minute to complete. And from start to finish, the entire appointment takes approximately 30 minutes.

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Knowing Your Lung Cancer Biomarker Is Important

Biomarker tests can help you and your doctor select a cancer treatment for you. Some cancer treatments, including targeted therapies and immunotherapies, may only work for people whose cancers have certain biomarkers.

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Biomarker Testing is Changing the Numbers

Learn from lung cancer patient and physician Sydney Barned about what biomarkers are and how knowing her biomarker led to a treatment that is taking a daily pill.

Why Biomarkers Matter

Meet Dr. Osarogiagbon, thoracic medical oncologist, cancer care delivery researcher and administrator at the Baptist Cancer Center, a Research Professor at Vanderbilt University, and a Research Member of the Vanderbilt Ingram Cancer Center. Learn why Dr. Osarogiagbon is excited about biomarkers and the future of lung cancer treatment.

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Sooner Is Better: 7 Facts You Should Know About Lung Cancer Screening

Fewer than 1 in 7 lung cancer patients will be diagnosed in the earliest stage when the disease is most treatable. Know these lung cancer screening facts.

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The First Seven Steps In The Face Of A Lung Cancer Diagnosis

Although these 7 steps for your lung cancer diagnosis are introduced in The First 7 Days podcast series, these 7 steps are to guide you at YOUR pace along YOUR personalized treatment plan – not a feat to be accomplished in 7 days.

7 Things to Know About Biomarker Testing

Biomarker testing can also be called molecular, genomic, or genetic testing. Here are 7 Things you should know about biomarker testing and why it may be beneficial to your lung cancer treatment. Get the facts on biomarker testing.

Personalized Therapies for Lung Cancer

Like people, no two lung cancer tumors are the same. Personalized medicine (also known as precision medicine) is the idea of tailoring treatment to each patient. Personalized medicine seeks to identify unique characteristics of each patient’s tumor in order to individualize care. Learn more about Personalized Therapies for Lung Cancer in this downloadable brochure.

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