Make Every Breath Count

Life is made up of little things that bring us so much joy. And yet, we rarely think about them – just like our ability to breathe.




The Little Things

Every year, lung cancer takes away the breaths of nearly 160,000 people – more so than any other cancer. Shockingly, lung cancer is severely underfunded. But with your help, we can breathe life into lung cancer awareness and lung cancer research

To raise lung cancer awareness and donations for research, we’re asking you to share the Little Things in your life that are made possible by your lungs. With #LittleThingsLCFA we remind people how great the Little Things in life are and how Little Things can add up to a big thing – like a cure for lung cancer.

How You Can Help

Here’s how you can help the Lung Cancer Foundation of America breathe life into lung cancer awareness.

  • Post a Little Thing that makes you thankful for your lungs with #LittleThingsLCFA (It can be a thought, picture, or video – be creative!)
  • Tag your friends and challenge them to share their own Little Things.
  • Donate to LCFA

To inspire others, we’ll share some of our favorite posts throughout the month on

Thank you for your support! With your help, we’ll give lung cancer awareness a breath of fresh air.

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