Cancers Against Lung Cancer

From June 21 – July 22, we’re celebrating the many incredible Cancers in our lives who stand with us in the fight against Lung Cancer. We’re joining together to raise $7,000 this month to support life-saving lung cancer research.

Let’s Kick Lung Cancer Like Heracles Did to Cancer the Crab

In mythology, Cancer is associated with the crab in the story of the Twelve Labors of Heracles. In his Second Labor, Hercules is fighting the Hydra, a beast with many heads and poisonous breath. Hera sends the crab to distract Hercules in his battle. When the crab attacks Hercules, Hercules kicks it all the way to the stars.

LCFA is fighting the Hydra called Lung Cancer – for this season of the Crab, you can be like Hercules. Join LCFA to kick lung cancer out of this world by making a donation to Cancers Against Lung Cancer.

Progress in lung cancer detection and treatment

Advances in research is the key to improving the survival rate for lung cancer patients.

The good news – In the last 5 -10 years, there have been major discoveries in lung cancer early detection and lung cancer treatment.

The bad news – Funding for lung cancer lags behind other cancer research funding despite having a higher death rate compared to other cancers.

Are you a Cancer or know a Cancer Against Lung Cancer?

The Cancers we know are some of the most caring, loyal, and fierce people on the planet. They are nurturers who always fight the hardest for the ones they love.

Join the Cancers Against Lung Cancer community in dedicating your birthday this month to start or join a fundraiser on Facebook. Together we will enable more research to improve lung cancer patient survival. Start or support a fundraiser now. 

Donate your birthday or donate in honor of your Cancer Against Lung Cancer.

With your help, we HOPE to fund grants for lung cancer RESEARCH that will give new LIFE to those suffering from this terrible disease.