We’ve had a busy and exciting year!

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Your donations funded the

2016 LCFA/IASLC Lori Monroe Scholarships for Lung Cancer Research

totaling $400,000.


Our Class of 2016 Grant Award Recipients:

Dr. Carla Martins    Carla Martins for Kim email

MRC Cancer Unit

Cambridge, UK

Dr. Martins’ research is focused on identifying a treatment that targets lung tumors with the KRAS mutation.

Kellie Smith for Kim email blue
Dr. Kellie Smith
Johns Hopkins Medicine
Baltimore, MD
Dr. Smith’s research will dig deeper into the underlying reasons why some patients respond to immunotherpy and others do not.









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We launched the “Little Things LCFA” campaign to increase lung cancer awareness.

We also reached out to the Hispanic community partnering with Univision to help spread the word on advances in lung cancer treatments and research.
Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths. The good news is recent advances in lung cancer research are finally resulting in life saving treatments for lung cancer patients. We need your help to continue research to find the cure.

I am asking you to help us continue our momentum. Your support goes directly to help LCFA’s mission to raise awareness and funds for lung cancer research.

The truth is, life should take your breath away…not lung cancer.

Wishing you all the best. Take a deep breath and enjoy…


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