Is There a Type of Physician That Specializes in the Treatment of Lung Cancer?

Yes. There are specific doctors that specialize in the treatment of lung cancer. They are known as thoracic oncologists. It’s important to understand that thoracic oncologists differ from general oncologists. The treatments for lung cancer are constantly evolving and, as a patient, the most crucial part is having a doctor who is staying up to date with what is available to you.

Since thoracic oncologists devote their careers specifically to lung cancer patients, they thrive on staying up to date and even aiding in the creation of new treatments.

Many newly diagnosed patients are often referred to their local community oncologist for treatment. This is often the most important time to stop and evaluate your options. Community oncologists are doctors who treat many different types of cancer on a daily basis. Although they do play an important role in the treatment of cancer, it’s simply impossible for them to stay up to date on all new facets of lung cancer

Lets say you have just been diagnosed with having a heart problem. What type of doctor do you think would be the best fit for you? A cardiologist perhaps. The same exists with cancer, if you have lung cancer, you may want to seek out a thoracic oncologist. Below is a link will help you locate a thoracic oncologist near you.

Find a thoracic oncologist near you at HealthGrades.  Find a National Cancer Institute Comprehensive Cancer Center near you at NCI Comprehensive Cancer Centers.